The worldknown sweets from Siena


The Masoni family carries on the tradition and taste of Sienese sweets through simple ingredients, high quality raw materials, modern production but still tied to the past, and especially recipes handed down from generation to generation, and that testify to the long history of this family in the field of pastry.

The first workshop was born in Colle Val d'Elsa, where Ippolito Masoni said "Pottelli" and his wife Petronilla Razzi, around 1885, opened a bakery. Soon the two begin to engage in the production of sweet linked to the territory, supporting them to the bakery products; in no time the oven becomes one of the most renowned confectionery parts of the city. Thus it was born the "Alimentaria", which takes place in all relief between the Colle bakeries.

With John, the son of Ippolito and Petronilla, and his wife Josephine, who had learned the culinary and confectionery arts in ancient Florentine workshop of Maioli, the Alimentaria become the first bakery of Colle, and the Masoni products begin to spread throughout the Valdelsa.

Along with traditional recipes, made with the utmost rigor and respect for the ingredients and proportions, even new ideas, small innovations, and recipes that are completely original, sometimes related to the need, as when the scarcity of raw materials during the war forced him to invent simpler products but equally tasty.


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