Salami and prosciutto from the Gambassi family

Terra di Siena

A long tradition makes the perfect combination of meat from the the Gambassi family farm combines; Yesterday flavors with the knowledge of today.

Family Gambassi has a long tradition in the art of butchery that has been handed down from fathers to sons. Art, passion and old secrets comes alive in the products of "Terra di Siena". Lorenzo Nidiaci, great grandfather Giulio Gambassi, in 1800, opened the first store in Poggibonsi in the historic center combines high quality meat with genuine flavors of the past.

The tradition was maintained over time from father to son. Today Filippo Gambassi, son of Julius, manages the family business today.

A short chain guarantees the genuineness to the consumer.

In the area between San Gimignano and Poggibonsi we breed the semi-wild Cinta Senese race which almost disappeared until a few years ago. Our animals are free to graze outside in the woods and meadows of the uncontaminated countryside of Siena. On our farm we breed mainly pigs belonging to the chain of the Consortium of Cinta Senese DOP respecting the strict requirements of the specification. Caring for animal welfare and the ability to graze freely in the 20 hectares of walnut, cherry, woods and an old variety of pear gives the value of excellence to meat.

Aromas and flavors of the past according to our oldest recipes

The work follows a seasonal production cycle, not standardized where the goal is to make the most of the different qualities and characteristics of the meat from pigs that are breed outdoor. All production phases are carried out within our company, from cutting salting, curing to packaging and sale. Hams, our pride, come to us in cold salty-humid environment and are left to mature naturally for at least 18 months within our seasoning rooms. The raw materials used for the craftsmanship are simple and genuine and reflect our origins. sea alt, pepper, vinegar, garlic and red wine give the aromas of our culture to meats "Terra di Siena", scented with wild fennel, wrapped and bound by hand like they did our ancestors.

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